Stata Plugin for Eclipse (alpha)

This is a plugin I wrote for my own use, it allows to interact with stata directly from eclipse – my favorite IDE/editor. If you don’t know stata or eclipse, stop reading, this will not be useful for you. Also this is alpha software: expect many bugs, failures and complete loss of your data.


1. Put the mas.stataplugin.jar file into your eclipse dropin/ folder (no update site available yet).

2. Start eclipse and add the StataView and StataVarView. (Window -> Show View -> Other -> Stata)

3. Start stata and run interact.ado (you can also put it into your ado folder).

4. Start the interactive mode by typing “interact” in stata.

5. Open or create a .do file in eclipse and type in a command and use the run button to run it in stata.


– …


None yet

UPDATE: 17/04/2014 – I entered new download links to fix the broken ones.

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7 Responses to Stata Plugin for Eclipse (alpha)

  1. V Ronin says:

    Very promising, looking forward for future development. Thanks in advance for your efforts!

  2. B Reschke says:

    Also interested in an update page. Thanks!

  3. Rune S says:

    It works 🙂 Thanks!

  4. abdel says:

    can you send me the jars please

  5. Kuotzuching says:

    In Stata v14, i typing “interact” then enter, stata still stop in “waiting for marker in file: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\/do.marker … (hit cancel to exit)” but didn’t work. What should i do?

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